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Welcome to my page! I am so very glad you came to visit. I write old and new movie reviews. A lot of them will be older, as I am not as “privileged” as I used to be with tickets. Hang in there though! I also create lists every week of the theater and home releases that I find worth-while. You will find them on the right side.

If you would like me to review a certain film, ask away! Just put in a request here!

If you don’t know me or my movie taste feel free to visit my about page to get to know this “movie girl”. I do understand that everyone has an opinion, however my ratings will not be solely based upon that. I have a bit of background and experience in rating cinematography, such as story line, script, characterization, etc. I also promise to keep my reviews short as I know that you all must have other lives outside the movie realm and need to carry on.

My rating scale is from 1-5 in watch-ability.  


5. Watch it again and again and again…
 This means you will want be in line to see it when it releases on the big screen and will need to dust off that special place on the shelf to display for all to see, as it will steal your heart time and time again. You will also need to show everyone you come in contact with the film’s awesomeness.

4. Watch it occasionally… This means you might want to buy a ticket to the big screen, depending on if the special effects are righteous enough. If it’s not that type of movie, you will still want to call it your own and watch it occasionally when the mood strikes.

3. Watch it at least once… This means the movie has loads of high regard, but it is a one shot deal for me. For example, I know I’m required as a movie watcher to see films such as Requiem For a Dream, Schindler’s List, and American History X. They are important and deserve the viewing. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are sensational, but may not be watchable again.

2. Watch it or don’t watch… This means you could go with or without. If you feel that time is of the essence, then it might not be worth it to you. If you normally watch everything and don’t have a preference, then maybe check it out.

1. Don’t Watch It… You will find that I will probably rarely give this one out, as I probably won’t put myself in the situation. This will mean precisely what it says, just don’t watch it. I will give a very respectful review on what does not make it watchable and give credit where it is due. Let’s face it though, we only live once. Why waste it watching bad movies!?


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